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About our Kids Program...

Welcome to the Daniel Gracie Academy Kids program. Classes start at age 4 and go to age 13. Our focus  is to prepare them for the world ahead, by instilling within them our core values: Family, Loyalty, Respect, Integrity. We believe these values to be the underlying principles of Discipline and Strong Moral Character. As your child journeys through their martial arts career, our goal is for them to understand that being a martial artist means more than, being able to defend themselves. Some of the incredible benefits of training in martial arts include:

  1. How to be part of a team
  2. Social interaction skills
  3. Character development
  4. Respect for self and others

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WHy our kids program rocks

We don't  believe in teaching kids how to punch and kick, instead we focus on the grappling aspect of the martial arts. 

We teach our kids that there is no need strike or hurt someone in order to protect ourselves. We are able to protect ourselves by using the "opponent" size and strength against them.

  “Amazing Daniel Gracie Academy Program Not Only Teaches Kids Self-Defense… But Gives Them The Tools They Need For Success In Life…” From focusing, to goal setting, to self-discipline,
to self-respect – kids emerge from this
program changed for the better.
And their parents couldn't be happier. Read on to see the stories
of how this program
transformed the lives of four
kids and their parents…
and how it can do the same
for you and your child.   


Califano's Family


Both my son, John, and daughter, Giada, have been Frankie Passos students since the opening day. The improvements, and respect for others has truly changed all of our lives. We are truly blessed to be a part of Frankie's school and consider him part of our family.

Greg Califano

Sabara's Family


 My son Gabriel has been  training with Frankie as one of the first students since he opened. Since joining Gabriel has become more disciplined and has gained great respect for himself and others. His love and dedication for this sport has made him a competitor and a winner. His confidence has enabled him to teach and help others on the mat. Gabriel has so much love for professor Frankie and jiu jitsu has become his favorite part of his day. We are so proud of the little man he is becoming.  

 Ashley & Rarython Sabara 

Oliveira's Family


 For the past six months my son, Lucas, has been training with Professor Frankie Passos and the positive effects that’s had on him are undeniable. He strives to help others and better himself thanks to what he practices nearly every day in class. I am very thankful for Frankie’s patience with my extremely energetic child and I’m very appreciative for Lucas to not just be a part of this sport, but this discipline as well. 

Jazmin Oliveira

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